Comprehensive Virtual Editing Services

“I know my business — but I don’t know how to write about my business!”

Does that sound like you?

You may be the expert in your particular field or area of interest — but when you have to write about it, do you have those skills?

I do! For twenty years, I’ve been a copywriter, editor, and freelance writer, and provided proofreading, desktop publishing and ghostwriting — everything from poems to ebooks, from business articles to newsletters to web copy. I’ve also been an entrepreneur for most of my adult life, so I understand the needs and demands of running a small business. If you’re looking for a copywriter, feel free to have a closer look at my resume!

How VIRTUAL EDITING works/How to hire a copywriter:

  1. You email me about my services, and I give you a quote – per page or per project.
  2. You agree to the contract, send me the job and give me a deadline. (I usually want 50% of the fee in advance).
  3. I complete the project – on time and on budget – and email it back to you after the final payment has been received. We can communicate – by phone or email – as much as necessary during the the project. You’re involved as much – or as little – as you want to be.

BENEFITS to you:

  1. It doesn’t matter where you live, in the ‘virtual’ world
  2. You’ll look GREAT on paper!
  3. Most jobs can be done within a week – if I don’t think I can complete it that soon, I’ll tell you before we start!
  4. You can focus on what you ARE good at, and leave the rest to me!

As a copywriter, I can…

  1. write and distribute your press releases.
  2. design, write and create sales and marketing materials – business cards, brochures, flyers
  3. create and manage your website content
  4. write your business or marketing plan, and other business articles
  5. proofread or edit things you’ve written for clarity, consistency, grammar.

Got a writing/editing/ghostwriting project you need help with?