Using a Ghostwriter

One of the most effective ways I know of to market a website is to write articles related to the website’s business, and get them published. There are literally hundreds of online ezines now, with editors who are hungry for original, business-related content. Most of them don’t pay for articles, but ALL of them are willing to give a byline and a link to a website. That adds up to GREAT advertising for you and your business!

I can just hear you say, “HA! Easy for you to say, you haven’t read MY writing! No one would publish it, that’s for sure!” Well, that may be true, but there’s a great way to get around that now – hire a ghostwriter. You’re the expert on your business, a writer is the expert at writing. Sounds like a good fit, doesn’t it?

Put simply, ghostwriters are professionals who write what YOU want them to (well, with the added polish that you’d expect from a professional!) and then sign your name to it. Whatever they’ve written becomes YOUR property as soon as you pay for it. Many of them will also include the service of submitting your article to all those ezines for an extra fee.

Now you’re thinking, “Well, what could be written about my business that would interest anyone?” You might be very surprised to learn that there are literally hundreds of topics that can be covered. For example, running any business requires discipline, marketing, bookkeeping, and time management – all grist for a writer’s pen that can be used to drive traffic to YOUR website. I’ve ghostwritten ebooks on everything from beauty tips to search engine secrets, and individual articles on a wide range of topics, from offshore investing to eating right – and connected them all to someone’s online business.

Good ghostwriters will know the kinds of articles that do well online, and should be able to quote you a flat fee – for either the writing, or the distribution, or both. They will help you brainstorm possible topics, and you will have the opportunity to approve the final article before it gets published anywhere.

Many small business owners are using this tool –- sometimes month after month, with different articles on different topics –- with excellent results. Is it something you should consider?