Publishing Your Way to Profit

Once upon a time there was a God called a Publisher who had it in his or her power to decide whether or not you, the lowly writer, had put a specific set of words together well enough that the public might like to buy them and read them.

If the publisher Gods decided that you passed the test, they would agree to promote your article or book in exchange for a piece of the profit pie. Usually a very large piece. Of YOUR hard-earned pie.

But the World Wide Web has changed all that. Now YOU can be the publisher God, and get the WHOLE PIE.

The World Wide Web is about providing information — and there’s thousands of folks in cyberspace looking for that information, every single day. Why shouldn’t they be getting some of it directly from you, if you have it?
With any word processing program and a decent spell-checker, you can be now be creating newsletters, ezines, reports and other in-demand web-based content yourself. And you’ll never again have to pass publisher God’s test!

“But I’m just not a writer,” you’re saying.

Thank goodness you don’t need to be a writer to be a publisher – they are two different beasts. There are still at least three ways to become a publisher!

For one thing, there are already lots of good writers on the Internet who are happy to have you include their pieces in whatever your project is – often in exchange for simply including their name and website address.

If you don’t believe me, do a general search on the phrase ‘free content’ and see for yourself.

Another even more exciting way to become a publisher is to own the articles yourself, not just the right to use someone else’s. Why not see your own name in print? By buying the articles outright, and then selling the reprint rights to them, folks who have never written a legible paragraph can now become publishers — and make money in the process. Do a search on ‘reprint rights’ and see what you come up with.

Once you own the material, you have the right to ‘bend, fold, staple and mutilate’ it any way you want – you can shorten or add to an article, or combine two or three articles of the same theme if you want. Some automated publishing programs even allow you to purchase whole manuals outright. This transfers the copyright to you completely — and YOU can then use the material any way you like, or sell the articles to others.

Finally, you can pay a ghostwriter to write for you – most ghostwriters are willing to negotiate contracts for anything from an occasional article or column, to complete books. YOU end up owning the work of a professional writer – with YOUR name on it!

Instead of being the writer who is praying that some publisher God will see the value in your penned words of
wisdom, why not become the PUBLISHER and COPYRIGHT HOLDER of information that others are scrambling for?
Author Marilyn Guille owns Comprehensive Virtual Editing (CoVE) Services, which provides press release writing and distribution, general and business writing, editing, and ghostwriting services. Guille has been a professional freelance writer for two decades, and lives on a classic boat on which she and her husband do sightseeing charters. You can check out her website at