Most of the time, especially in e-business, we are confronted daily with a dazzling array of choices to make in regard to marketing our businesses. Indeed, there’s often _too many_ options, whether it’s in regard to paid advertising, getting the best position in the search engines, or joining online discussion groups, among other things.

But it’s just as easy to allow this plethora of choices to immobilize us into not making ANY of them — and that can be deadly for small or home-based businesses. Generally speaking, MAKING A DECISION is usually far more important — and productive — than making the ‘right’ decision.

A very wise woman once said to me that every decision is like a “Y” in the road — but rather than assuming, at some point, that you’ve made the ‘wrong’ decision and backtracking, it’s so much easier to just see that moment as simply another “Y” in the road.

There is no ‘RIGHT’ path. You’re on it — just start moving!

Success is hardly ever an end point, but a process entered into and sustained by TAKING ACTION!

So stop waffling — what decision will you MAKE this week?