In other words, set goals for your business (which can be modified or updated as often as you like!) in terms of sales or growth. I am constantly surprised at the number of people who start businesses, but have no idea where they want to go with them! There’s an old expression that covers this… “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there!”

I remember the first time I was exposed to this idea. Almost 15 years ago, I had just moved in to the local mall with my retail business. Over coffee in the courtyard with a fellow merchant one early morning, she mentioned that she’d reached her goal of a 3% increase in sales in her shoe store the previous month. Then she asked if I’d reached MY goal. I felt like a complete idiot — I had just invested $8000 in inventory for my store, signed a three-year lease, and had a grand, Grand Opening — and I didn’t have a goal!

What do you want to have accomplished six months from now, and a year from now? Write down SPECIFICS, dollar values, target markets, numbers, DETAILS. How else will you be able to measure, at the end of the time, if you’ve reached your goals?